Paying fees

Our fees are as follows:

  • Forest School for children aged 4-16 – £15 per session
  • After school clubs (on school sites) – £9 per session
  • Woodland Playgroup (children aged 2+, attending with a parent/carer) £12 per session
  • Daytime Forest School for Home-educated children – £12 per session

One-to-one support is charged at £20 per hour.

Fees are charged monthly, in advance, by direct debit.

For example, if you have signed up for one of our weekly after-school club sessions it will be charged as follows:

£9 per session * 4 sessions in the upcoming month = £36. Charged on 1st month or next working day.

To allow us to charge for your fees and sign you up, please complete the sgin up below.

Your payments are protected by the direct debit guarantee.