Community funding

To mark our 10th birthday, we are launching a Community Fund!

Community funding can remove financial barriers for local children to access our Forest School. It will be used for children with additional needs. This may be:

• A diagnosed special educational need

• An undiagnosed special educational need

• English as an additional language

• Living in poverty

• Living with domestic violence or other trauma

• Attachment needs (suspected or diagnosed)

• Emotional or behavioural difficulties

• Social communication issues

• Life limiting illness

We’ve noticed that every time we have a pot of money to provide free spaces for children with additional needs we are oversubscribed. These families rarely come to paid for sessions even though they really value what we provide and can see the positive impact on their children.

The Community Fund is about local people working together to remove these financial barriers for others so that their children can access empowering support that we provide.

We can’t think of a better way to mark our 10th birthday than to give a gift to our community from the community.

We are asking people to set up a monthly donation of whatever feels comfortable and maintainable to them towards community funding for kids in need. This will be put into the Community Fund. 100% of which will be used to provide free or subsidised spaces for local children.

Community Funding Donation