Come Join the Adventure

In order for a group to run there MUST be at least 6 children attending.


2 hour sessions are £12 per child. 4 hour sessions that include lunch are £25.

If paying is an issue please let us know, we don’t want money getting in the way of people coming out to play in the woods.


Events booked via email You will need to include the session you are booking a place for and your childs name. We will email you an enrolment pack and payment details.

Any enquiries please contact Nickie on 07753 636705 or or even via our Facebook group ‘Mud Pie Explorers’.

When booking requests exceed the number of places available we will book on a first come first served basis. Exceptions to this may include cases where the needs of the group require it and where parents are choosing to stay at sessions with their children (due to the effect on our ratios).

We meet at the play area behind Lincombe Barn, Overndale Road, BS16 2RW. At the bottom of Cleve Hill you turn left, then it’s first right (if you get to the mini roundabout you’ve missed it).

Before your child attends Forest School you will need to read and complete an enrolment pack, we will send this to you at the time of booking. This includes details of what to bring and wear as well as some information about ticks.

What to bring

Your child will need a snack and plenty of drink, adventuring can be tiring! You’ll need to make sure everyone stays dry and comfortable so weatherproof clothing with sensible shoes are really important. If your child, like mine, is prone to getting soaked in rivers and/ or puddles don’t forget some spare clothes in the car/ backpack! A bin bag for muddy gear may be a good idea too.

It is probably a good idea to all use the loo before you come too- there might aren’t toilets where we are going exploring!


We’ll bring… the equipment we need for the session including a First Aid kit and our risk assessments for the area and equipment. We also have enhanced Criminal Records Bureau disclosures, a First Aid certificate and appropriate insurance. All documents are available upon request.

What to wear

It’s getting a tad colder out there. Although we are kept warm by playing and running about this isn’t going to be enough soon! So here’s some top tips for keeping toasty at Forest School (you may know them all, you may not):

– A good base layer like a vest or long sleeve tshirt. Tight fitting is good as it will hold in the heat.
– Another tshirt, or two. Layers are good as the air inbetween them hold in heat.
– A fleece/ thick jumper without a hood do its less cumbersome and hoods often get wet in the rain. If your fleeces are thin you could always double them up.
– A waterproof coat with a hood. Tights/ leggings/ small pj bottoms with joggers/ trousers on top.
– Gloves (spare ones in ruck sack if possible) and a hat.
– Two pairs of socks or some very thick welly socks.
– Wellies with waterproofs over the top so if we go in the stream there is a better chance of keeping feet dry. We will be going in the stream less frequently now and for shorter periods.

As it gets colder we will start bringing hot chocolate again to keep us warm and we will be having more fires too! Just waiting for the snow now

Please also bring plenty to drink and a snack in a rucksack that your child will be responsible for carrying.

Adult Only Forest School

When ? What and who for? Cost
Sunday 24th June

1030 -1230

Woodland adventure for adults

Learn to light a fire, fish for minnows, climb trees, do natural crafts, relax or brave the Mud Slide! Be as active or chilled as you like. Cuppa and a snack by the campfire for everyone.

£15 per person. Limited spaces.

£15 Per Person