Outdoor Play, Natures Way...Come join the adventure!What do we do?

Outdoor Play, Natures Way...

Child-led learning through outdoor play experiences.

Come join the adventure!

We offer weekly Forest School sessions, half term adventures and birthday parties all year round.

What do we do?

Your child will have the opportunity to build fires, learn about their natural environment, use a wide range of tools and much more.

Mud Pie Explorers – Forest School in Bristol

Mud Pie Explorers is a Community Interest Company which has just reached its 6th birthday!

We are LOVING our muddy adventure here in Bristol. With Forest School sessions, family adventures, outings for local groups and themed birthday parties there is something going on down in the woods for children of all ages.


What do we do?

Well, it’s different every time… here’s a few of our favourites: making hammocks and rope swings; looking for Stickman; having a Lord of the Rings adventure; hunting for Sneeze the Dragon and collecting her eggs; enjoying campfire pizza with friends; finding about the plants and animals we share the woods with; fishing for freshwater shrimp; making wonderful perfumes and potions; sitting and listening to nature; learning how to use tools; hapa zome (whacking stuff with hammers to make fab art) and working on Forest School Headquarters (a.k.a den building).
The ‘Women in the Woods’ sessions are becoming established and have been lovingly renamed ‘yomping’! We are working with schools, preschools, Beavers, Cubs, Rainbows and the Teenage Cancer Trust at the moment so it’s a very exciting time. We are also looking forward to enjoying another action packed Winter in the woods together.

If you don’t find what you need to know here on this website please do get in touch- 07753636705.

We are looking forward to seeing you out to play soon.